ConIFA 2020 World Championships

Somaliland 2020 – Host Cities :

Hargeisa, Maroodi Jeex Gabiley, Maroodi Jeex
Burao, Toghdeer Boroma, Awdal

Somaliland 2020 – Host Venues :

Stadium Hargeisa Mo Farah Stadium
Alamzey Stadium Haji Dahir Stadium
East Berbera West Berbera
* Berbera was quoted in Somali-speaking media outlets as being the 5th Host City, but never officially confirmed by ConIFA as being one of the Host Cities. There are 4 ‘football sites’ in Berbera, 2 of which ‘training sites’ are below sizes mandated by IFAB for Adult XI-a-side games. Of the 2 larger areas: the western site lacks a playing surface, or any top-soil; the eastern site lacks any substrate provision, being composed of artificial grass strips laid down onto the ground, after being steamrollered and tamped-down.


Somaliland 2020 – wadada Hargeysa (The Road to Hargeisa)


Somaliland 2020 – Qualifiers’ Squads (see ConIFA Statement)

1 Somaliland, as Host 2 Karpatalya, as Holder
3 W.Sahara, Wild Card a1 Darfur, Africa
a2 Kabylia, Africa a3 Matabeleland, Africa
b1 Mapuche, S. America c1 N. AMERICA – 1 Berth
d1 OCEANIA – 1 Berth e1 ASIA – 1st Berth
e2 ASIA – 2nd Berth e3 ASIA – 3rd Berth
f1 S.Ossetia, Euro Champ f2  § Kernow
f3 Parishes of Jersey f4 EUROPE – 4th Berth
italics = to be confirmed, by ConIFA, following the August 2019 Statements
§ Qualified by winning an Official Qualification Tie, [e.g. 26/07, 09/08, 09/0813/08, 13/08, 21/0824/08] on 25/08/2019 (Kernow 10-3 Chagos Islands), during the week following the release of two Official Statements by ConIFA & the Somaliland FA (18/08/2019 & 22/08/2019. NB: as of 16/09/2019, the latter of the two Official Statements has since been deleted by ConIFA)
1st, incomplete Yorkshire Qualification tournament’s table; Yorkshire v Chagos Islands still to be played, but publicly withdrew from Qualification before 07/03/2019 (see also ConIFA’s Statement) & were followed by Ellan Vannin & Yorkshire’s public withdrawals before 21/06/2019


Somaliland 2020 – Qualified teams’ anthems


Previous ConIFA World Championships :

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2016 – Abkhazia Qualification Procedure

2016 – Abkhazia [State-Sponsored]

2018 – Barawa Qualification Procedure

2018 – Barawa [Sponsored by Paddypower]



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