Sewyansow (Results)

Kernowek (Cornish) Sewyansow (Results) 25 Hwevrer 2019, Trial Fyttys : Kernow XI 3-2 Steren Tollowarn XI H.Clarke, 28′; O.Brokenshire, 50′ pen.; L.Eddy, 56′; (Parc Poltair, Sen Ostell, Pow Eredyr)   13 Me 2019, Trial Fyttys : Kernow XI 5-0 KPK Tredhinas M.Goldsworthy, 4′ & 90’l J.Lorenz, 70′; J.Annear, 80′ & 88′; (Parc Meneghiji, Bos Venystoryon, […]

Independent mission to unleash football’s role as peacemaker

By Tom Howe This week I’ve spent time away from Cornwall, travelling some 3,000 miles to witness the 2019 CONIFA European Football Cup in Artsakh. Eight teams are here, all vying for the prestige of calling themselves champions of Europe, but this tournament is about so much more than just the football. Artsakh, also known […]