Jason Heaton on the Cornish Soccer Podcast

Kernow Football Alliance chairman, Jason Heaton, features in the latest edition of the Cornish Soccer podcast.

During a 20 minute chat with presenter Dave Deacon, Heaton reflects on Kernow’s journey to the 2020 World Football Cup in North Macedonia, his new role as General Secretary of CONIFA and plenty more besides – including the potential for an international competition right here in Cornwall.

“The run-up to the World Cup was one of the most fantastic times I have ever had in football,” he said.

“It was staggering really. I felt like, as we were on the run up, we were all on the same wave and everyone’s mind was set. It was action all the way. We built it up naturally. There were no forced issues. It all came together and built its own momentum.

“In my mind, I thought we had every chance of winning [the World Cup]. It wasn’t so much just the squad, it was how everyone was all heading the same way, from the players and coaching staff to the people around you. Nobody was dragging their heels.

“Ultimately, I never thought we couldn’t win it. I was all in because you don’t know how many chances you are going to get.”

To hear the whole interview, check out this week’s Rappo & Deacs’ Friday Fix podcast which can be downloaded from a range of platforms; including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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