Somaliland 2020 – Mo Farah Stadium


Gabiley, Maroodi Jeex

Mo Farah Stadium :

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Named for the Olympic legend, Mo Farah has never been to the stadium nor was he even born in Gabiley, but instead was born in Mogadishu, before fleeing to Djibouti. The connection comes only indirectly via his father, who had businesses in both cities. Mukhtar, the patriarch, was born in London and grew up in Hounslow. The only tangible and direct Somaliland connection is to Mo Farah’s grand-father, Jama, who had been born whilst the Protectorate of Somaliland whilst it was under Occupation by the United Kingdom.


The site itself is a new one, some distance outside of the town. It was only just laid down, when reported on 28th January 2017 by RTN-TV & Balidhiig News :


After completion, tamping-down and bedding-in, the stadium finished the Gabiley football season in June 2017 with a month-long competition :


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